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About the Talent Business Alliance

Our Mission: Talent Business Alliance supports local businesses at every stage of development. We foster a thriving business environment. Through an equity lens, we are offering technical assistance, networking, marketing, and advocacy to create social and economic opportunities that expand the vitality of the community of Talent.

The Talent Business Alliance (TBA) of Talent, Oregon has been active since 2005 (formerly the Talent Chamber of Commerce). After a period of volunteer inactivity due to COVID-19, a new board reactivated TBA in the spring of 2022 and is working to support the small business and nonprofit community in Talent, Oregon. 

Talent lost 60% of our businesses in the Almeda Fire, and the remaining 40% (mostly small businesses) are struggling in the wake of incredible losses from the fire and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Talent Business Alliance is building connections among local business owners, supporting their access to financial aid and business grants, increasing the customer base, and providing technical assistance to support the recovery of the business community.


Our Partners in Recovery

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