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Talent Urban Renewal Agency

Revitalization Grant Program

The Revitalization Grant Program is a grant program of the Talent Urban Renewal Agency. The purpose of the program is to address blight or assist in the recovery from the Almeda Fire by helping businesses/commercial properties improve the appearance of their business, enhance access to their business, or improve the marketability of their business. The maximum individual grant is limited to $15,000. Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a monthly basis, until all appropriated grant funds are expended.

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Program Guidelines

Eligible projects are those that address blight or achieve the goals and objectives of the urban renewal plan, and/or address an impact from the Almeda Fire. 

Such projects include, but are not limited to repairs, restorations, and new installations. All projects must comply with all City of Talent municipal code regulations and policies, including the building code, sign regulations, zoning ordinance, and design review requirements.

To get started, ​review the Urban Renewal Agency Revitalization Grant Program Guidelines to make sure your business is eligible to apply!

The Talent Business Alliance is here for you!

Contact the Talent Business Alliance at if you want more information about the Urban Renewal Revitalization Grant!

Application Process:

  1. Review Revitalization Grant Program Guidelines to understand eligibility.
  2. ​Meet with City of Talent Community Development staff to discuss the project and document if any permits or design review will be need.
  3. Submit completed application to the Talent Urban Renewal Agency. 
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