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The 2nd annual Talent Craft Crawl was a huge success!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all our amazing vendors, artists, makers, musicians, volunteers, guests, event sponsors, and to our incredible event organizers Awna and Joyce who made the day amazing. We couldn't have done it without you and we can't wait for next year (and we're already starting to plan now)!

These beautiful photos are brought to you by the amazing talent in Talent, Marvin Walder Photography - thank you Marvin!

Once again, thank you to all our event sponsors and supporters!


Evergreen Bank

Talent Club

Summit Beverage

Gather Cafe Bistro Bar 

Sweet Beet Station

Art Bop Beer Co

The Grotto 

Pump House 2.0

Trium Wines 

Star Properties

Trustwell Living at Suncrest Place

Black Lab Soap Co. founders Awna and Ted - Awna was also the event coordinator for the 2024 Talent Craft Crawl
Guests and visitors connecting with vendors at the 2024 Talent Craft Crawl - at the horseshoe in front of Talent City Hall
Vendors participated at several different hubs around Talent - seen here at the mini-hub located at Art Bop Beer Co
These beautiful flower sculptures were featured at the mini-hub located at Art Bop Beer Co
Crafters, makers, and artists participated as vendors at the 2024 Craft Crawl - seen here in front of Talent City Hall
Naumes Suncrest Winery participated as one of several alcohol vendors, providing free tastings to event goes over 21
Two crafter / maker vendors as seen at the Craft Crawl hub in Old Town Park near the skate park
Marker / Crafter vendor Micah BlackLight shared his artistic works with event guests at the 2024 Talent Craft Crawl
Rogue Stoneware participated in the 2024 Talent Craft Crawl showcasing their uniquely Oregon pottery collection



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