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KTVL News Coverage 4/13/22

Talent, Or. — Talent is in the beginning stages of bringing back their Business Alliance organization. Formerly known as the Talent Chamber of Commerce, this volunteer-based organization is focused on the needs of businesses after the Almeda fire. “We have an opportunity with the Alliance to open up the network to all businesses whether they can afford to be a member or not and lower the barriers to access the resources that Talent Business Alliance is working very hard to advocate for and hopefully present to our community,” said Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood. According to Ayers-Flood, the previous organization went dormant and there was no membership left when they were reactivated by the Secretary of State, so they are starting to redevelop.

“We’re designing a network model that lowers the barriers and allows all businesses an opportunity to participate in the revitalization in our economy here in Talent,” Mayor Ayers-Flood said.

Talent worked on a research project with Southern Oregon University surveying businesses to determine needs. A major short-term need is cash resources and grants. They're looking for networking opportunities and rebuilding their customer base.

The Business Alliance plans to open up its office and use the platform to shed light on companies like SOREDI Foundation, which offers businesses grants to help them in their recovery process. Businesses impacted by the Almeda fire can access funds by showing SOREDI their financial losses after the fire and where they will spend their grant money..

Ayers-Flood said the Business Alliance is “holding a business forum on April 21st where we will collect more information about short-term and long-term priorities."



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