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Talent Business Alliance

Business and Non-Profit
Grant Programs

The Talent Business Alliance supports local businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage of development. We foster a thriving and equitable business environment. We offer technical assistance, networking, marketing, and advocacy to create social and economic opportunities that expand the vitality of the community of Talent.

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The Boost &
Amplify Grant

The objectives of Boost and Amplify are to bolster the customer base for Talent businesses and increase attendance at events in Talent. Boost and Amplify grants are primarily for events that have a regional draw, creating positive exposure and increasing spending in downtown Talent. The grant is open to Talent businesses and nonprofits producing or participating in Talent based events. 

Businesses and nonprofit organizations that are producing or serving Talent community events are encouraged to apply. 

Talent Urban Renewal Agency Revitalization Grants

The Revitalization Grant Program is a grant program of the Talent Urban Renewal Agency. The purpose of the program is to address blight or assist in the recovery from the Almeda Fire by helping businesses/commercial properties improve the appearance of their business, enhance access to their business, or improve the marketability of their business. The maximum individual grant is limited to $15,000. Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a monthly basis, until all appropriated grant funds are expended.

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